Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lavender Sachets

Completing samples and taking pictures of the new lavender sachets took a little longer than I had expected, but it's finally done. Below you will see the four different fabrics MM has selected along with some fun ribbon that completes the look. For $21 MM will hand make a trio of sachets for you. One sachet will have either the letter or monogram of your choice, the other two will be left plain or will have a pretty ribbon tied around them. I think these make a perfect Easter or Mothers Day treat. Not all the sachets have the same fabric, feel free to mix and match. I personally love the green cane print with the cream solid.

Not only are these sachets pretty to look at, but the lavender is a natural moth repellent. Pack a couple of these away with your winter sweaters and not only will they smell lovely when you pull them out next year, but free of moth holes!


  1. Is the K one on the end for me???HEHEHEHEHE!!!
    I need to order my bib soon!! We will have to talk about it!!!

  2. Loved the one you sent...good scent..not too overwhelming which is nice for those who are sensitive. You do great work!! Thanks again...I am sure I will be in touch again soon!!